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rncbc's Personal Photo
How could one with
such an ugly face
get a web site like this?

Welcome to rncbc's Tech-World

rncbc stands for my complete name initials (click on it to read a small resume):

Rui Nuno de Carvalho Barroso Capela

Portuguese National Flag

Currently, I live in Belas, a tiny place near Lisbon, Portugal.

One can know something more about this small, sunny country of southwestern Europe, by following these lines. If you want, do it now!

To get in touch with some of my friends, click here.

Jurassic Programming
Deep into
Jurassic Programming...

What you can find in this web...

Resume - A tiny version of my Curriculum Vitae.
My Tech-Life - Some hard facts and interests about my computing life.
dCWindow Class Library - My personal C++ development application framework.
Local Friends - Meet some of my physical friends.
Favorite Sites - Some of my beloved web sites.
Portugal - Some links into my country.
At Work...
I'm still working on it!...

Software Tools (Still) Under Development

Here's the place where I'll show-off some software tools I am currently crafting...

dCG logo dCG (draft) Code Generator v0.08a ! Download dCG!
A general purpose source code generator for Microsoft Windows TM.
Pick up the newly maintenance v0.08a release, either for Windows 3.x or Windows 95/NT.

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Mail me! Feel free to reach me by E-mail. My CIS user-id is 100256,2502 , a.k.a. Rui Nuno Capela.

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