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ResetParameterValue ('driver:midi')

Hello all,

I've recently run into an issue with qjackctl running on arch linux.

I first noticed the problem when my sound card was dying, since then I removed the old sound card and did a complete reinstall of arch with all necessary packages. I am using Alsa, no PulseAudio.

After configuring qjackctl and click start I get warning/error window poping up with the following message:

D-BUS: ResetParameterValue('driver:midi'):

Invalid container address 'driver':'midi':'(null)' supplied to method 'ResetParameterValue'.. (org.jackaudio.Error.InvalidArgs)

I look in the messages window and I see the folowing:

23:20:10.345 D-BUS: SetParameterValue('engine:no-mem-lock', 'false'): Invalid container address 'engine':'no-mem-lock':'(null)' supplied to method 'SetParameterValue'.. (org.jackaudio.Error.InvalidArgs)
23:20:10.359 D-BUS: SetParameterValue('engine:libs-unlock', 'false'): Invalid container address 'engine':'libs-unlock':'(null)' supplied to method 'SetParameterValue'.. (org.jackaudio.Error.InvalidArgs)
23:20:10.366 D-BUS: ResetParameterValue('driver:midi'): Invalid container address 'driver':'midi':'(null)' supplied to method 'ResetParameterValue'.. (org.jackaudio.Error.InvalidArgs)

I have jack2-dbus installed and my server prefix line within qjackqctl is: "jackdbus" (without the quotes).

is this message a warning? error? Has anyone else received it? is it possible to resolve?

I have 2 sound devices on my system:

1) onboard 5.1 sound
2) USB Scarlett 2i2

Let me know what info you need that I can supply to help resolve this.



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Which versions (qjackctl -v; jackd --version) ?

Let me tell you that JACK D-BUS support in QjackCtl is way way far from any perfect condition: it was introduced like 8+ years ago (v0.3.6) and IMNSHO it was a move that I find myself regreting whenever some poor soul like you gets into this kind of trouble... :)

One first thing to note is that the "server prefix" setting is just meaningless when QjackCtl starts the JACK server through D-BUS. So please don't bother to change that from the plain old classic "jackd". You're also warned to not touch the "Advanced" settings tab unless you know what you're really doing, do you? :)

OTOH. If you really want to stick with jackdbus, maybe you are better off using kxstudio's Cadence rather than QjackCtl... OR the lean and mean command line via jack_control facility. On either case you can always use all the QjackCtl legacy and amenities, just not to start/stop the JACK server ;)


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In the last few days, I noticed exactly the same problem, too. I never experienced it before, however just like nixit I also recently reinstalled my Arch Linux system from scratch after some issues with the previous setup (though those were not sound-related in my case). I’m also currently using ALSA and no PA. After turning off D-BUS support in the settings, the errors disappeared just like you suggested. Nonetheless, here are some versions and stuff just in case you want to look into it anyway:

  • JACK: Version 1.9.12
  • QjackCtl: Version 0.5.2
  • Sound card: Intel C216 Chipset High Definition Audio Controller

When I get back from uni I’ll also check if the presence of PA has any effect on this, since this is a major difference between my previous and my current setup.

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