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Thank you for the explanations, Rui. Actually after having received that message I cannot do anything else because whatever I do the app doesn't produce any sound.
Anyway today I formatted the computer because there was some problem I didn't know, so I preferred to start from scratch.
One thing you should explain to me: I'm putting back everything, soundfonts, plugins, and so on. I tried again to import that "Bach temlplate...", I've chose the usual calf fluidsynth and a grand piano plugin, or some other. But I can hear the sound only through the computer speakers.
I checked the connections and in the MIDI windows I have this situation:

readable clients/out | writable clients/in
14:MidiThrough / 14:MidiThrough
20:FastTrack Pro / 20:FastTrack Pro
128:Qtractor / 128:Qtractor

How the hell do I have to connect the INs and OUTs? I tried everyting but I cannot hear any sound through the soundcard