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Spoke too early. Amazing what you can do with a couple of spare hours in a sunny weekend. So, as of todays CVS HEAD (qtractor the rudimentaries of this long awaited feature is in. Very experimental thought ;)

Just for the records, the change-log says:

  • MIDI (pass-)through has been finally implemented, after several
    kind requests, it applies as a property of duplex-mode MIDI buses;
    the new setting is configurable from View/Buses... dialog; when
    enabled, implies all incoming MIDI events at the input bus will
    pass-through unchanged to the corresponding output bus, as found
    useful just for direct monitoring one's performance without the
    help of any extra-circumvent or kludgy connections.
    • Hope it's done in the right way :)

      Cheers && enjoy
      rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela