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hey, thanks

most of your ideas are really great and many have been sitting in the drawer for a long long time ;)

qjackctl has been here for almost a decade now (it was first released on 2003, can you believe it? you can have a glimpse of its history while touring the official screenshots pages...

well, you can surely attest that qjackctl was a nice tool gone mad, and if you look at the code itself then probably you'll start having recurrent nightmares :) it's just one case of a decade-old lava flow anti-pattern that you'll be staring at :)


re. setup window - advanced settings
this one is really the best and one i've been procrastinating ever since Paul Davis and Stephane Letz once suggested during the LAC2006@ZKM-Karlsruhe IIRC. so it's a go! by all means :)

re. setup window / MIDI bridge settings
what's this? qjackctl doesn't have any midi bridge whatsoever; a2jmidid is currently the only and highly recommended one, which should override the jackd/qjackctl midi driver on most if not all cases; a2jmidid is an external program, not part of jack nor qjackctl. sorry for this one, but nope.

re. connections window - expand/collapse-all button
maybe. however the "expand-all" button is not a toggle one, it's a one-shot command so there's no "expanded-all" true state in any time; the counterpart of it is in fact the "refresh" button, which rebuilds the complete client/port and connections listings and a "colapse-all" button as bonus ;)

re. connections window - tab titles
you're not the first one to ask about this. ok. this one i'll sell you for cheap :)

re. connections window - save button
sounds like a simple and good idea. noted.

that's all for now. keep the good ideas coming :)