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Inspired by the Piano Roll Keys topic..

Wanted to post it in, but responses don't allow image attachments.
Well, speaking of minor visual improvements for the piano roll, I think highlighted notes should color entire white piano keyboard keys and not be simple continuations of horizontal note lines, because it treats the left-side piano keyboard keys as "alien" in the piano roll and draws some highlighted notes over the piano keyboard outside of white piano key boundaries, so it looks a bit crude.. Take a look at my examples to see what I mean - in the first one, how it currently treats highlighted keys, in the second one made by me, the whole white key is highlighted.
Any such GUI fixes will be greatly appreciated! Because smaller "cosmetic" things are important too.

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this'kinda a nitpicking, right?

i believe this won't quite stop or put an hold on your musical creativity or am I being an a**hole here?

eheh :)

Frankly, I think small unpolished and crude things can indeed stop or put a hold on anyone's musical creativity because they accumulate and form an overall impression users get when they encounter an application like Qtractor.
Yeah, I think you're being a bit of an a-hole here..

Not the biggest deal. However, if we're not completely against the idea of growing the user base, this kind of "low hanging fruit" should be cleaned up. It's just one of those little things that can give off a "clunky" feel and with no real upside. That along with the killer "show note" feature that now lives in git takes PR to another level in terms of effectiveness. Getting there! :)

How can anyone be against the idea of growing the user base? Especially for such good floss software as Qtractor? I think it's a necessity to gain new users, because they see things in a fresh way that differs from old users' perspective on an application that's been familiar to them for decades.

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check it out, please: qtractor >=


very cool

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