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How to bounce "What I hear" to audio track

I'm using a sidechain compressor plugin, so I have a sidechain bus and multiple Connections.

How can I bounce "what I hear" from Qtractor when I press Play, into an audio track in Qtractor?

When I arm an audio track for recording and start recording, only the sidechain part gets recorded, not the entire song that I'm hearing through my speakers.

I've attached a screenshot.


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hi, qtractor only stems what goes there internally, so to speak :)

qtractor doesn't really support side-chaining scenarios, mind you, as most of the workarounds are really and just that: workarounds--they all resort to some external loops of processing through jack of course and that says it all.

you can always take the true bouncing option: record in realtime the material being produced. nevertheless.

on a definitive rule, qtractor can only export what goes into its inner output buses, and nothing else...


ps. then again, let me remind you, qtractor is NOT a monolithic DAW, it isn't one to start with, remember me saying that over and over again?;)
-- Qtractor is a sequencer with *some* DAW features, right?

I tried doing a bounce from Qtractor into Audacity, but Audacity ended up only recording the strings/pad of my song rather than the entire song. In other words, Audacity couldn't hear all the tracks.

Do I have to map the 'master' or something using QjackCtl from Qtractor into Audacity?


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let's be clear about this:

you may only export the entire song in qtractor, if and only if ALL material is laid out on qtractor tracks, be that audio or MIDI, but mostly audio for most if not all that matters.

so. the way for you to get hold of your entire arrangement, song or whatever, is doing it probably in several steps, as far as qtractor goes...

maybe I'd rather ask about what are you really trying to achieve with "side-chaining" anyhow?


ps. sure you know about my own stance about that lousy trick called side-chain compression, specially when done over-compressed already material (eg. already mastered samples)?

with trance music, side-chaining is really common.
The 'synth/lead' in trance music is usually the main focal point but the problem is: sometimes it overshadows the drum/kick
and it's hard to hear the kick/drum. Simply making the kick/drum louder will not help because then the song will sound too busy.

Side-chaining reduces the volume of the synth/lead at the right time (when the kick comes in) with a very quick fade-out and fade-in, and it gives the result that many trance songs use.

Side-chaining works fine in Qtractor. The issue is: saving the final song so other people can hear it without Qtractor.
I'm now just trying to export it in *any* way that is possible.
I realize exporting to .wav in Qtractor won't work in this particular case, but I was hoping Audacity could 'listen' to Qtractor playing (via jackd) and pick up what it hears, but it's not that straight-forward it seems lol.

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yes I know all about that, then I'll kindly point you to this earlier argument of mine:
- to get hold of your entire arrangement, song or whatever, is doing it probably in several steps...
very special note given here to the *several* adjective ;)


ok, thanks

Here's what I do to create mixdowns and stems. I don't know if my process is a work-around or whatever but it's what I've settled on. Before I begin, it's important for me to mention that I do NOT run my instrument plugins from within Qtractor itself. Instead, I run them in Carla which I send to over MIDI busses. The audio is then sent back to audio busses I maintain in Qtractor. Essentially, I use Qtractor as a router of sorts. Effects are handled much in the same way 99% of the time although they make use of Aux Sends which send to their own dedicated audio busses. I'll assume this basic mode of operation is understood and move on to the setup I use to create a mixdown (all tracks) or a stem (individual track either wet or dry depending on the on/off state of the plugin sitting in the bus).

Mixdown or Stem recording process:
1. Add a new audio track named "Mixdown". Input is "Master" and Output is "Mixdown". Bring Gain fader to 0 (or -70db) <- VERY IMPORTANT!
2. Enable Record on "Mixdown" track, Record then Play in transport (in other words, the usual recording process).

When all tracks are unmuted, we are mixing down the entire track. Likewise, I solo a particular track when I'm rendering a stem. The process can be extremely time consuming but I'm fine with it. The only side effect I've noticed is that my stems can be a tad longer then the original material and not quite line up with the MIDI. I've learned to evaluate this on a case by case basis and adjust the stems as needed. From past conversations, I'm confident this is a result of the "loopback" nature of my setup/process. Fine, I've learned to live with it. :)

Hopefully this has helped. Feel free to let me know if something is unclear.

Thank you for the info windowsrefund. I've tried recording to a mixdown audio track, but the recorded track doesn't record the playback from all the other tracks in the song - it ends up recording some tracks. It's because of my unique setup for side-chaining.
My setup is close to the following side-chaining video for Qtractor:

This is an interesting thread. It's always nice to learn other people's workflow. I'm curious to know how Rui does the "sidechain" thing. If you don't use any external plugins, how do you do the trick?

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I just don't, ever, do, sidechain, whatever :)


ps. see also the IMNSHO of mine in this other thread... sorry to tell, nothing's changed my mind since then. :)


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