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Theming in Qtractor

/ Edited: 17/01/2024 /
Topic for everything related to Qtractor theming.
Themes availables:
(Attach two starting approaches for two visual themes and a proposal for functionalities.)

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so good! Thank you.

This worked out perfectly and found another opportunity to use it in the Menu Bar where, for example, View / Drum Mode benefits.


qtractorPluginListView QMenu::icon:checked {
  background: palette(highlight);
  margin-left: 7px;
#menuBar QMenu::icon:checked {
  background: palette(highlight);

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Glad to hear it :)

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hi fellows :)

what about you starting a brand new topic having your fine and hopefully final results and iterations on the subject?

as is now, for its long extent already, it's becoming somewhat unmanageable for most of us, let alone increasingly unbearable for new users ;)

hint: what about having two brand new topics for each: one named after G3N-es's "Technico" and the other for windowrefund's "Gray-"something ... (sorry for that, I fail to recall the correct name--being that a symptom close to this call anyway :))


I thought that having a single topic for "Theming" on the official Qtractor forum would help create a community around Qtractor.
This is what happened in the case of KOSAI (just one case, but very enriching).

Maybe it was a mistake, and more than helping to create a community it was an invasion (that was not my intention).

I have created a tickets tab in VTQs. In the "summary tab" I have linked to the Qtractor forum, in case someone clueless is unaware of the official forum.

Thank you

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forget what I've said, prolly it's me who is mistaken :)

keep up the good vibes :)


No you don't understand. This was actually never about themes (just a decoy) as much as it's been a drupal stress test :D

Seriously though, I actually spun up a new thread specific to my theme for the exact same reason.

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or do I?

right, you have this Graysacle one, that's ok and to the word of what it's been said. no questions.

my pledge is, was about making it a good (re)start, nothing less.

what you/I did not understand?

Just close the thread

Using qss, is it possible to override the background color of the Midi Editor? I tried setting the background property of qtractorMidiEditorForm QMainWindow but got nowhere. I do understand it uses the base palette by default but I'd prefer to not change that as that action would open a whole mess of problems. While I'm here, maybe I'll ask if there's also a way to change the background color of the Event Viewer (Events) which is accessible on the right side of the Midi Editor. I found and make use of qtractorMidiEventList but I believe that just reflects the area to the left of the Piano keys.

qtractorMidiEditView {} // editor notes
qtractorMidiEditEvent {} // editor events

Event Viewer (Events) ?¿?¿?
I can't locate it.
I don't know what file is in charge of it.

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Windowsrefund, this allows you to access:

qtractorMidiEventList > QAbstractItemView {
alternate-background-color: green;
background: red;

Interesting. Just to be clear, I am looking to change the background color of the actual Midi Editor window itself. Having this ability to override independently would allow for the measure bars to stand out more.

G3N-es, Please disregard my last message. It's all perfect now. Thanks again for the help.

Skeuomorphism is felt more than ever before. It feels like you can hear the buttons springing as they jump.
Of course there is no sound, but your brain will try to recreate it.


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