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QjackCtl 0.2.21 is out!

In the wake of the JACK 0.102.20 release, here goes the respective friendly GUI: QjackCtl 0.2.21 is out.

As usual, the change-log says it all:
- GPL address update.
- All window captions can now be set smaller as tool-widgets. This option takes effect when child windows are kept always on top.
- For the brave of heart, specially the ones brave enough to try with Stephane Letz's jackdmp, a win32 build should be now possible.

Time's Up

I do remember the time when I was some discrete fan-boy of Living Colour, and that album name just made me a heads up too. Ugly heads! OK, this is me and my first post on this drupal thing.

I hope you enjoy...

Ah, maybe you remember this dusty old hook: webcam?

Another hunch strikes me this precise moment. The timestamp of this very post landmarks my own 42nd anniversary, so to speak. Keeping with that, I wish a very happy birthday to me and the most and greatest cheers to my family, and specially to my very loved mother wherever You are now. I know You've an eye on me, always. I love You. I know You love me too.


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