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Crash when loading Calf Analyzer Plugin

Dear Rui,

first of all thanks for your effort you put into qtractor and all the other plugins I quite often use! I'm just comparing it to other DAWs on my KXStudio 14.04 installation and I really like it so far. I prefer it to Ardour at the moment as I get results much faster and I really like the midi editor much better.
Like with Ardour also qtractor crashed several times and I wonder if the reason is my system (which normally shows no problems).

One crash which is quite (but not always) reproducible:

Loading the Calf Analyzer Plugin while something is playing into the Master Bus.
The terminal then tells me "floating point exception" and no more information.

I'm using Version: 0.9.0



Ahh... ok I see. How I can I restrict the installation to qt4 then?

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you have to install a bunch of other development packages though (libqt4-dev) and bootstrap the build with ./configure --enable-qt4 ...

but, please take note that qt4 is deprecated and no longer supported: you are advised to move away from qt4 as much as you may possible can.

it is just unfortunate that kxstudio still relies on that for so long; im almost sure that most mainstream linux distros will ditch qt4 completely sooner then later, if not already done.

please go the other way: build the vee-ones on qt5 as it's the build default anyway.


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