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Adding new clip crashes qtractor svn2342

Hello Rui!

Can someone please confirm this:
When starting a new qtractor project (without any tracks), I add the first track and then for example add a new midi clip (either with the icon or menu/new clip) - the box opens where to save it, ... - it works fine with no issues.

When opening an existing "default" project which already has tracks (busses, patches, midi ports, channels are set) but no clips at all, adding a new clip crashes qtractor (no matter if done with the menu or icon). Starting qtractor from a terminal outputs the message "segmentation fault" after the crash.

Do I miss something or is this maybe a bug?

Greetings, Michael

Addendum: For testing purposes I deinstalled svn2342, compiled and installed svn2330, nothing else was changed on my system. Using svn2330 the above mentioned crash does not happen, opening clips in an existing "default" project works flawlessly ;-)

More thorough investigation shows that up to svn2334 this crash does not happen, above versions (2338, 2340 and 2342) show this behaviour.

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Dear Rui,

with svn2344 the above mentioned issue is solved, but I guess you knew that already ;-). Your devotion is awesome (I thought you are on your vacation)!

With kind regards, Michael

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yes, there was a regression last night that i've made, while trying to experiment with linked midi clips, which is failing to stabilize. sorry. i guess you've found yet more side-effects than me. i must be less indulgent when refactoring code on holidays :P

glad it's working now, i hope ;)


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ok. linked midi clips are now a reality as of today's svn commit rev.2348+ (qtractor which makes all midi clips that share the exact same filename, offset, length and track/channel to be ref-counted and linked.

WARNING: this is all an extremely experimental feature, so please use all your best practices and (be) care(ful)--backup, backup, backup :)


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