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MIDI - monitor while playing


I've got a problem that I can't figure out how to solve.

Let's say I have a keyboard MIDI controller and want to record a MIDI track. I am using a DSSI synth. I want to be able to hear what I'm playing while I play it. (Hearing the track on playback works fine.) Must I connect my MIDI controller directly to the DSSI synth in order to hear what I'm playing while it happens, or is Qtractor capable of "passing" MIDI data through to the sound source (synth) while recording MIDI data?

Does any of this make sense? :)

Thanks! Josh

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This has been already discussed and it just seems is a highly required feature. See there's this No MIDI-thru yet, but will try add that during this week and ready for the next preview-release. Hopefully.


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Spoke too early. Amazing what you can do with a couple of spare hours in a sunny weekend. So, as of todays CVS HEAD (qtractor the rudimentaries of this long awaited feature is in. Very experimental thought ;)

Just for the records, the change-log says:

  • MIDI (pass-)through has been finally implemented, after several
    kind requests, it applies as a property of duplex-mode MIDI buses;
    the new setting is configurable from View/Buses... dialog; when
    enabled, implies all incoming MIDI events at the input bus will
    pass-through unchanged to the corresponding output bus, as found
    useful just for direct monitoring one's performance without the
    help of any extra-circumvent or kludgy connections.
    • Hope it's done in the right way :)

      Cheers && enjoy
      rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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Spent a few more hours and this new MIDI-thru feature is now also accessible from the respective MIDI input bus mixer strip, on a new tiny button called "thru" :). As of latest CVS HEAD (qtractor of course.

Bye now
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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Aha, this weekend saw some consolidation of this pass-thru thing over audio and MIDI buses. That is, audio (pass-)through has been also implemented, now being a common and consistent property of both audio and MIDI buses, provided those are set in duplex mode (input and output).


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