Show-off my open-source stuff, mostly of the Linux Audio/MIDI genre

Qsynth fully migrated to Qt4

That's right. As of today and without warning, Qsynth has been officially ported to Qt4, completely and without a trace of Qt3 support. This marks the start of a series of tasks that I've been postponing for almost a year now, but the inevitable, boring and daunting effort of converting an aging Qt3 code base to Qt4 has finally seen some success.

The Seventh Draught - MIDI Editor's debut!

Just a month after the previous alpha-pre-release (if one may call that so), here comes a major upgrade to this pet project of mine, now getting bigger and fatter, and counting. This time I am proud to release the first glance for the MIDI clip editor integration and raw power functionality. There's no innovation here, it is just a long due feature and taken out from the closet :)

The Sixth Lord

In preparation for the long due MIDI editing stuff, it has come the time for another pre-release, now being called "The Sixth Lord" one (second to nothing).

The Filthy Fifth

Hi, I just decided to do this new preview release of Qtractor, an audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for GNU/Linux, based on the Qt4 GUI framework and engineered on top of JACK Audio Connection Kit for Audio and ALSA Sequencer for MIDI.

Heads-up to Fourth

Still a bit shy, but surely trying in going out of stealth mode, Qtractor has seen some kind of so-called alpha-releases during the last couple of weeks, in a follow-up to its respective LAC2007@TU-Berlin presentation.


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