Show-off my open-source stuff, mostly of the Linux Audio/MIDI genre

Just arrived home after attending the Open Delta aLANtejo 07, an event ran by the Computer Science Students Association of the University of Évora, over the last three days (and for some, nights too:). The event had two parts: one fun part, a LANparty and the other a knowledge-oriented part, conferences specially and entirely dedicated to Open Source, with several luminaries on the schedule and, last but not least, also the final of the 1st Portuguese Zend Free Software Contest, the main reason this blog entry is being issued ;)

The Tenth Commencement

Once again there comes the time when I figure out that yet another month has gone through since the last one of those so called pre-releases, the kind I name this sort of alpha sneak-previews of crappy-buggy software. But that's just me ;) Sometimes, when you just know about too much too well the gears and stuff of something ingenious, you get that strange feeling of somewhat shallow confidence, to say the least. Hey! Am I under some kind of depression or what? My own answer is what :)

Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007

After a very long period of judging progress, which practically took the whole summer, the folks from the Qt Centre have come to a verdict with regard to their first edition of the Qt Centre Programming Contest 2007. The contest results have finally arrived this last weekend, and besides the understandable delay I sincerely hope this one won't be the last. Congratulations to the whole organization team, judges, sponsors, contestants and of course, last but not least, to the winners :)

The Ninth Hitch Nail

After some great and deserved vacation, summer is almost in its way out and one could find some time to bump a few more tricks over the head. BS aside I've managed to get it ready for another pre-release of this hobby project of mine, as an Audio/MIDI multi-track sequencer for JACK and ALSA,

Qtractor (Ninth Hitch Nail) was just settled.

ENOS@Caldas da Rainha

This last Saturday, September the 1st, I was pleased to attend the first National openSUSE Portuguese Meeting (ENOS), in a reply to a special and kind envitation from Carlos Gonçalves and António Cardoso Martins, for whom I'm most thankful in giving me the rare opportunity to show off and make some ad-hoc talk presentation about this Linux Audio/MIDI hobby stuff of mine. The meeting was a success and I wish I could have made it even better if I had done some more thoughful preparation (ie. homework).


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