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Option 'Use desktop environment native dialogs' broken when saving sessions?


first I thought it was due to debugging with qtcreator but then I saw that release build for Raspi behaves same: When trying to save a session (Save As) or selecting a path for a fresh session qtractor hangs. I disabled the option mentioned in thread-subject to use Qt dialogs and that worked around the problem (although Qt dialogs are not good at removable devices)

* On my PC (fedora / debug with qtcreator) Qt 5.7.1 is installed / Qtractor git HEAD
* On Raspi Qt version 5.9.1+ (sources are taken form git) is installed / QTractor 0.8.4

Have no idea when this bug came in..

One final question: Is this the correct forum to discuss these kind of issues or do you prefer me to open a github issue

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yes, that seems to be the case the DE native dialogs are prone to lockup/freezing the whole event-loop, most specially the ones that are based on gtk3 as from gnome and/or xfce.

it is the main reason why that option is set off by default since v0.8.1; it has been pointed out here several times before though.


I played around with this some more

When I set the pParent member to NULL, the dialogs work fine.

Would you accept a patch changing parent members to NULL at all locations?

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re. Would you accept a patch changing parent members to NULL at all locations?


but please, be warned of some probable and nasty UX side-effects then eg. you having a file-dialog dang open and then accidentally somewhere the desktop decides to popup something else and you can't find where you really are or were because it's been covered up by some other window and qtractor et al. all seems to non-responding to any user input, no mather you try clicking here and there on any of its main windows--just not hitting the right one, the dangling file-open/save dialog that is--been there before i say, not a pretty experience either ;)


I think tonight I will rework the patch to nullify parent member only if native dialog option set - leave Qt dialogs as they are

The more I think of this issue I start disliking my solution: Setting parent to NULL adds an extra entry in taskbar for file-dialogs. OK that is better than hanging but...

Anyway - I will send out the pull request and leave the decision upon you.

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the PR has been merged, fixed and refactored into the neonx branch.

please checkout && test && tell

* your rework is far better than my solution. Just saw that you removed changes for VST. Have no plugins to test but I am sure there are reasons for it (think you spent many more nights on qtractor than I ever will..)
* did the same tests I did when writing the patch it looks same -> working -> party time

Thanks for taking care

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